James Franco Movie “Future World” Allegedly Releasing This Week

Han Solo’s Number 1 Competitor? ‘Future World’ stars James Franco, Mila Jovovich, and Snoop Dogg as “love lord”. This film can’t be real, right?

James Franco’s newest film, Future World, is apparently going to be hitting US cinemas this week. Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDb all list the release date as May 25th, 2018. Despite this, there is exactly zero advertising or awareness around the production.

Seriously, Lucy Liu and Mila Jovovich are in this movie! Snoop Dogg is in the movie, and is credited as “love lord”! The trailer makes the Franco-directed work look like a c-list Mad Max rip-off, but the big name cast adds an extra layer of confusion. What is this film? Is it real? It’s apparently out in two days?

Releasing the same day as Solo: A Star Wars Story, the movie is likely going to have a tough time finding spare theatres to play in, that is, if it is even real.

It can’t be though? Surely I would’ve heard something about it? Surely?

Future World is apparently showing from May 25, but I don’t believe it

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