Local Man, “Just Not That Pumped” for Han Solo Movie

After multiple directors, a boundless supply of rumours and plenty of speculation, Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally hitting cinemas. However, one Launceston man hasn’t been caught up in the craze.

Dave Ravenwood (33) was discussing the movie with friends when he announced that he actually wasn’t feeling the hype. “I mean, I’ll go see it”, he said,  “but I’m just not that excited”.

“Han Solo’s cool and all, but I don’t need to see more from him”. For Ravenwood, a lifelong Star Wars fan, the story of a young Han Solo simply isn’t a tale with much intrigue. Ravenwood, who has enjoyed every other Star Wars film in the last 10 years, says he hasn’t been affected by the rumours from the set. “I like Alden Ehrenreich, and I’m pretty sure he’ll do a good job. Ron Howard’s a really solid director”.

men talking.jpg

The historic moment was re-captured in this re-enactment

Ravenwood stated that he liked the cast, the crew, and all the trailers, but was not conceptually interested in the story. “I’d rather see a young Bib Fortuna film” he stated in an interview today.

Despite his mild objections, Mr Ravenwood still believes that he will go to see the film on opening weekend. “It’s a new Star Wars movie”, he noted, “what am I going to do? Not go see it?”

The sentiments of Ravenwood have gone viral across the globe. Martin Luther King Jr. tweeted that his comments were “brave”.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas this week

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