Tales from Infinity War: Uni lecturer Disappears – Nobody Notices

This story is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and contains spoilers for all properties therein.

University Lecturer Paula Brookwitt vanished mid-way through a lecture after Thanos’ finger snap, but nobody noticed for half an hour.

Brookwitt, a lecturer for Introduction to Commerce at the University of Perth, was removed from existence this week as Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to half the universal population.

None of the 17 students in the lecture theatre noticed as Brookwitt turned to dust halfway through explaining the principle of consistency with regard to accounting. The remaining 230 students in the course planned to watch the lecture online.

“I thought she was just loading a video or something”, said one student present.

“Didn’t she say we needed to discuss something with the people near us?” asked another student, “I wasn’t really listening”.


lecture theatre women

Half of the lecture theatre disappeared, so it was not as packed as usual


It took half an hour for the students to realise that the lecture they were pretending to listen to was actually not occurring.

“I had just finished the sudoku I was doing”, said student Charlie Abbott, “when I realised that Paula wasn’t out the front anymore. There also seemed to be fewer students in the room”. Abbott, assuming it was simply a break in the lecture, got up to grab a drink, but when Brookwitt did not return, he began to worry.

“It seemed a bit odd”, Abbott noted. Eventually, Abbot turned to one of the other students in the hall. The student, Tim Matthews, was shocked.

“I remember being really confused”, said Matthews, “why would someone talk to me? This is Uni”. Eventually, the pair deduced that something was wrong. Stepping outside, the pair noticed that the rest of the campus was in a panic. This is the moment that they learned the horrible truth, that half of humanity had vanished.

Matthews and Abbott have been praised for their dedication. “Not only did they attend a lecture in person”, said the Vice-chancellor, “but they noticed that Ms Brookwitt wasn’t there after only 20 minutes. That shows a level of dedication rarely seen”.

Avengers: Infinity War is in cinemas now


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