Tales from Infinity War: Earth in chaos, but Sanctum is pretty calm

This article is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and contains spoilers for all properties therein.

Earth is in chaos, but the Sanctum Sanctorum is running smoothly, thanks to the hard work of Wong.

Thanos’ attack on earth resulted in half the population turning to ash, but Wong’s efforts have kept New York’s hub of all things magic and mystical running smoothly.

Wong assisted Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner, and Spider-Man in trying to repel Thanos’ minions during their attack on New York. However, once Strange, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, was abducted, Wong quickly retreated to guard the sanctum.

“Thanos would have been the least of our troubles”, said Wong, a former librarian at the sanctum. “There’s some seriously nasty stuff out in the cosmos, with no sorcerer supreme, we were at serious peril.


Wong was also excited to reveal that he received an invitation to the upcoming wedding of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, that is, if Stark returns; the billionaire is still missing after the New York attack.

“I’d love to go”, said Wong, “but only if Dr Strange is back. I can’t go to the wedding if it means leaving the sanctum unguarded”.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently in theatres

Wong is currently guarding the sanctum

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