“I’m Han Solo” Song is Still the Best Piece of Star Wars Media Ever Created

Adapting Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” for the 2012 Star Wars Kinect game wasn’t a risk that needed to be taken, but we’re so lucky it was. 

Mere months before the announcement of Disney purchased Lucasfilm, Star Wars reached its peak. Star Wars Kinect (2012) may have been released to critical derision, but one element stood out above all others. The game has a dance sequence, a sequence set to Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo”, with the lyrics changed to “I’m Han Solo”.

Is it an act of parody or of homage? Whatever it is, it’s a work of art. In the song, Han describes his unimaginable happiness with his current situation, it’s a joy that’s as infectious as it is ear-worming.

“I’m Solo, I’m Han Solo. I’m Han Solo. I’m Han Solo, Solo”

Star Wars is dumb, Star Wars is silly; but for one brief moment, Star Wars became synonymous with culture, and class. Never before, or since, has a piece of music so adequately explained how it feels to be Han Solo, while also parodying Jason Derulo.

After being robbed of Grammy’s or VMA’s, this writer believes it’s important for “I’m Han Solo” to get its due. To take its place among the great works of music, nay, among the great works of poetry, in our time.

Humans have existed for thousands of years, and yet, we are alive at the same time as “I’m Han Solo”. Cherish it.

Want more Solo? Check out the Fantastic Fools Podcast’s full review of the movie.

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