Mass Panic as Han Solo Movie Turns Out to be Completely Fine

The Han Solo movie is a completely passable movie experience, and this fact has caused chaos all over the world

This wasn’t meant to happen.

Straight from the announcement of a Han Solo origin movie, fans have been expecting Solo: A Star Wars Story to be a complete disaster. However, the movie was released this week and it seems to be a completely passable piece of entertainment.

Nobody’s saying it’s a masterpiece, but there’s some fun action, good character dynamics, and fantastic effects. You can sit down to watch Solo without the caveat of doing it ironically. It’s fine, in fact, it’s nearly good.

Reviewers all over the globe have panicked and thrown the internet into chaos. It’s estimated that over ten thousand articles about how “Star Wars has been destroyed” were deleted over the weekend, as their authors realised that the movie was inoffensive and enjoyable.

solo banner

“I just kind of assumed”, said movie fan Kevin Earlmer, “everything about it made me think it was going to be bad”.

Earlmer’s sentiments are echoed by many, and it’s a notable point. The directors were fired, the actor was near-unknown with a near-impossible task, Emilia Clarke was in it.  Yet, despite this, it seems that Solo is a pretty fun movie. A triumph of middling cinema.

Maybe the fan community judged a passable book by its bad cover, but in the end, at least we can just relax and enjoy Solo: A Star Wars Story. I mean, not too much, it’s not that good, but it’s fine, and that’s a minor miracle unto itself.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now in Cinemas

Want to hear more about Solo? Check out the Fantastic Fools Podcast Solo Episode below, or available on iTunes, Podbean and more



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