DEAR GOD NO. WB Developing Joker Movie with Jared Leto

WB is developing a stand-alone film for Jared Leto’s Joker, with Leto himself to produce. 

I mean why?


Jared Leto’s “divisive” (read “crap”) portrayal of the joker is set to return in a stand-alone film. Leto will produce and there’s no word yet on a writer or director.

Hey, remember that time 10 years ago when the Joker was seen as the best character ever? Well, WB does, and they want to make sure they push it so far into the ground that you won’t be able to breathe.

no god

Over the past few years, we’ve had news of the Joker popping up in literally dozens of proposed films. From a Scorcese-produced origin story to a Harley Quinn rom-com, to a Suicide Squad sequel. Warner Brothers are all about promoting the joker.

Leto’s portrayal of the character was met with a resounding cry of, “what the fuck even is this?” when he first appeared in Suicide Squad. It was then that behind-the-scenes issues started to emerge. He stayed in character the whole time and mailed used condoms and dead rats to members of the cast.

Why the hell would you do that for Suicide Squad?

I mean, come on.

jared leto.jpg

I mean, look at this fuckstick

Leto’s approach was overboard, shooting hours and hours of footage and wasting months of his life on what essentially amounted to a quick cameo in one of the dumbest movies of 2016. Clearly, Leto was hoping to garner the sort of respect that Heath ledger gained for his portrayal. However, there are two key differences. 1: Ledger was good in the role. 2: Ledger had a well-written character and film to work in.

Leto’s Joker was a walking wardrobe of cliche “edgy” stereotypes and unintentional comedy. His performance makes Suicide Squad even harder to watch.

The key thing that confuses this writer is that the Joker is not a good choice to be the main character in any film. The Joker is a fantastic Batman villain, but he works because of his dynamic with Batman, he shouldn’t be used as a protagonist, or -god forbid- an anti-hero.

What WB seems to fundamentally misunderstand about the Joker is that he is supposed to be scary, not sympathetic. Placing him at the centre of his own film requires the Joker to be relatable, and that simply cannot be done without toning him down, and changing what is so good about the character in the first place.

leto joker 2.jpg

For crying out loud, who in their right mind would think the Joker would tattoo “haha” all over himself? The people who OK’d that choice are the same that are making this movie. So strap in.

Remember that scene when he acts like an emo Ace Ventura, for fuck’s sake.

Hopefully, this movie does not actually happen

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