Ulysees Klaue Soundcloud Review

Black Panther’s South African Arms Dealer Ulysees Klaue’s famed mixtape exposes a musical fusion that boggles the mind and warms the heart.


Ulysees Klaue is many things: arm’s dealer, smuggler, international criminal, passionate lover. But an oft-neglected component to his storied career is his work as a musician. Klaue’s South African upbringings and violent past have all come together to inform his final masterwork; Klaue & Peace. The mix was released on SoundCloud mere weeks before his untimely death at the hands of mercenary Erik Stevens AKA “Killmonger”.

Klaue & Peace, like all of Klaue’s work, begins with a spoken word introduction. Even with no backing track, Klaue’s passion for the craft flows through, and beautifully sets up what is to come.

What an experience it is, a blend of African tribal rhythm’s, gritty synths and a flair for the dramatic make Klaue & Peace a must-listen experience for all music fans.


It’s hard to point out the highlights from a mixtape full of them, but a few of the tracks did stand out from the crowd.

Cuttlefish, comes on about halfway through the mix, and its duality is breathtaking. Klaue’s sullen, almost terrified vocals paint an exquisite picture of the titular animal and provide a mood of tension and fear. However, half-way through the track, Klaue’s refrain of “whoop, whoop, whoop. Like disco lights” takes a turn, the backing track rapidly distorts, and Cuttlefish transforms from a dark tale of fear into a full-blown disco throwback, that will definitely have all the teens dancing.

Klaue? What is it good for? is a tragic tale of loss and self-reflection. In this track, Ulysees reflects on his life, his travels to Wakanda, his encounter with the murderous Ultron, and more. Ultimately, Klaue identifies something of himself in all of us, and I cannot imagine a single person who would not be brought to tears by this track.


What is Love? is the barn-storming finale that brings the whole album home. Nominally a cover of the classic Haddaway song of the same name, Klaue brings a whole new level of intensity to that track that showcases unprecedented range and thematic depth. What IS Love? What IS Life? I’m not sure, but I know the answer is hidden somewhere inside this magnificent piece of music, that elevates the form in a way not since seen.

Klaue & Peace is a true work of art. One that showcases a musical talent, taken from us too soon. It achieves a level of transcendent musical prowess that I simply did not think was possible. Klaue may have been best known as an arms dealer and a criminal, but hidden away in the depths of SoundCloud, is the cure to all unhappiness. A work of pure artistic brilliance never before seen from a one-armed criminal with a sonic arm-cannon.

To close; here’s a leaked video of Klaue reliving What is Love during a CIA Interrogation.


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