Just a List of Weird Things in the Movie ‘Tag’

Tag is a movie, a feature film, and boy oh boy does it have some weird shit in it. Here’s just a list of some of the weird stuff in the movie.

Also, I’m just going to call all the characters by their actor names.

SPOILERS (but really, who cares?)

1. Fake Miscarriage


As anyone who’s read Loss knows, miscarriages are no laughing matter, but someone forgot to tell the makers of Tag that. At a crucial point in the movie, Leslie Bibb’s character fakes a miscarriage in order to help her husband avoid being tagged. Let me say that again, SHE FAKES A MISCARRIAGE.

The situation is only made more bizarre by Jake Johnson’s character’s response to the whole matter. It’s quite amusing, more than a little bit disturbing, and very, very weird.

2. CGI Arms

During the filming of Tag, actor Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms filming a stunt scene. As a result, he wore green casts which were then CGI’d out for the final film. Fans were worried that this injury may result in a computer-generated catastrophe on the level of Justice League’s Superman, but the weird thing about them is that it works. You can easily go into the film not knowing about the injury and not notice the arms at all. Well done to the CG people, I guess.

3. Waterboarding


Thomas Middleditch nearly gets waterboarded in Tag

The main characters attempt to waterboard a man during their game of Tag.

This is a real thing that is in the movie.

Like a lot of Tag’s most insane moments, the moment is fairly funny and earns points for originality, but Jesus, what were they thinking? I don’t think I’ve seen a film scene so harrowing since Spider-Man 2. 

4. “Weed is funny” is Jake Johnson’s whole character

Quite possibly the shallowest character in recent memory, Jake Johnson’s character in the movie is based solely around the assumption that weed, and the consummation of weed, is hilarious. This assumption is incorrect

5. The Cast Sing “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by Crash Test Dummies over the credits

hawk piano.jpg

If you stay for the closing credits, you’ll witness a haunting version of “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by the Crash Test Dummies performed by the cast. Led by Jeremy Renner, the boys sing a tune which has nothing to do with the movie at all. Why is it there? For what purpose? I don’t get it!

Anyway, it’s weird and it’s in the movie, so it makes this list.


6. Nude old man being tagged in the ‘real life’ footage

7. Everything Hannibal Buress says or does

8. Rashida Jones is in the movie for literally no reason

9. Ed Helms is married to Isla Fisher and we’re all just supposed to accept that

10. Twist: Ed Helms had terminal cancer the whole time, which really just kills the vibe

11. It’s played off as a happy ending despite Helms’ imminent death.

12. Jon Hamm is too handsome and it makes me uncomfortable

13. This movie exists.


So there we have it, a few of the weird things in the movie Tag. We hope you enjoyed this list.

Tag is now in cinemas

Want more Tag? This week’s episode of the Fantastic Fools Podcast contains a deep dive of the film, going into all this and more. It’s available on iTunes, Podbean, and right here: 



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