Marvel Successfully Releases Another Enjoyable But Unambitious Superhero Movie

They’ve done it again! Against all odds, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered another critically acclaimed, and commercially successful superhero film.

The latest Marvel movie has been praised for its fun action scenes, brisk pace, and overall accessibility, although has drawn some minor detractions for its formulaic nature and occasional mistimed comedy.

For over 10 years, Marvel’s superhero juggernaut has smashed its way through the box office, and this latest movie looks to be more of the same, with charming performances, and something for everyone.


With completely passable cinematography and directing, coupled with a plot that doesn’t take too much thought and isn’t riddled with too many glaring plot holes, it’s another great success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite an overall lack of challenges to the established Marvel formula.

Only time will tell if Marvel can continue this form into the future.

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