WATCH: Every Trailer From San Diego Comic Con

Every trailer from San Diego Comic Con, one of the biggest conventions ever, collected in one place for your ease

This year’s massive San Diego Comic Con brought us some absolutely fantastic trailers and announcements. Although Marvel and Disney mostly skipped the convention, there was still plenty on offer, particularly from Warner Brothers, who brought their big guns and unleashed several highly anticipated trailers.

Check out all the highlights, with the best trailers of 2018’s San Diego Comic Con, all linked below


DC’s next superhero venture will focus on Arthur Curry, the Aquaman. With director James Wan looking to bring something new to the DC Universe (now officially branded ‘World’s of DC), the Aquaman trailer has plenty to offer fans, as they wait for the December release.


DC followed up its Aquaman trailer with the first look at Shazam. With a much lighter tone than previous DC films, Shazam represents a big change to the status quo, and looks to inject humour into the previously somber DC universe.


The hype is building for M. Knight Shyamalan’s superhero crossover, nearly 2 decades in the making. Uniting Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters from Unbreakable with James McAvoy’s highly acclaimed character from Split, Glass represents a huge risk, and the trailer shows off some strong looking scenes.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Ugh, Johnny Depp.

Despite the involvement of Depp, the new trailer from the worlds of wizards, flying brooms, and retroactive diversity actually looks quite solid. Jude Law’s take on Dumbledore looks particularly interesting, and we get a much better understanding of the plot.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The Monsterverse continues to build, and this Godzilla sequel is certainly looking to up the stakes. Introducing not one, but three iconic Toho monsters (Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah) is a tough ask, but the trailer showcases excellent cinematography and teases a truly epic film.


Launching on DC’s new streaming service, Titans is a highly anticipated series for many. The response to this trailer has been mixed, but the show is still shaping as a must-see series for comic fans everywhere.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

It’s coming back!

After being prematurely cancelled by Disney, the excellent Star Wars: The Clone Wars series is set to return, with a final season that looks to finalise the fates of its many excellent characters. Starting off comic-con with a bang, this announcement has many fans very excited.

What was your favourite comic con trailer?

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