Local Man Tentatively Excited For Iron Fist Season 2

Despite despising the first season of Marvel’s Iron Fist, local man Ted Whitworthy is starting to feel strangely excited for season 2.

Iron Fist season 1 was a tough moment for Marvel Studios, the first thing they ever made which received a negative rotten tomatoes score. The series was panned by critics for everything from its writing to its fight choreography and everything in between. For nerds everwhere sitting through the 13-hour series was the first time that keeping up with the MCU felt like a chore, rather than a delight.

Ted Whitworthy is one such man. Speaking about Iron Fist season 1, he said, “I think ‘abysmal’ is the right word, I mean, there was just so much wrong with it”. The fact that Danny Rand was crucial to the events of The Defenders also soured his standing among fans, and Iron Fist began to really stand out as the black sheep of Marvel’s family, particularly among strong seasons from The Punisher, and Luke Cage.


However, Whitworthy finds himself strangely excited for season 2 of the show, as the marketing begins to step up.

“I’ve been burnt before, but maybe, just maybe, this could be ok?” he said.

“Classic costume, new show-runner, and he was fun in Luke Cage season 2. I mean, I don’t want to get my hopes up, but…”

As the hype for the series continues to reluctantly build, Marvel fans everywhere and wondering whether or not it is safe to fell some excitement for the new series.

“I mean, it doesn’t look amazing”, said Whitworthy, “but it still looks like a huge improvement. I’m terrified this is all going to backfire on me”.

For MCU completionists like Whitworthy, the prospect of a second season of Iron Fist seemed terrifying, but the new trailer have started to build some excitement.

Hesitant, uneasy, cautious excitement.


Season 2 of Marvel’s Iron Fist will be streaming on Netflix from September 7

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