Sony’s Elaborate Venom Parody Gets a Hilarious Trailer

Starring Tom Hardy, Sony has released a new sketch which parodies the comic-book character of Venom.

It’s been a tough few years for Sony pictures, with email hacks, box office bombs and creative conflicts, the studio really needs a win, and it may have one. Yesterday, Sony released “Venom – Official Trailer 2”, a fake movie trailer that asks the question, ‘what if there was a venom movie, and what if it was garbage?’

This elaborate form of parody is a great form of viral marketing for Sony’s future venture, but the seams are fairly obvious if you look hard enough. For example, could you imagine if a real venom movie actually ditched Spider-Man? The wall-crawler is the key component to the character’s entire backstory and design and is also the most marketable superhero character in the world. If this Venom movie were real, there’s no way that Spidey wouldn’t be involved, that would be ridiculous.



The dialogue too parodies generic movie trailer dialogue to the extent that it is almost indistinguishable from the unimaginative trailers that it is parodying.

Venom’s dialogue in the trailer also pokes fun at the character in question. With some absolutely cringe-worthy ‘jokes’ and one-liners, the parody trailer absolutely nails why this time-capsule of 90’s edginess would not even slightly work in a movie today.


Casting Tom Hardy is also a quality bit of meta-humour, as Hardy fully embraces the “I can’t understand Tom Hardy” meme by going with his most indistinguishable voice yet. How they convinced the acclaimed actor to appear in this youtube skit, I’ll never know.

In summary, “Venom – Official Trailer 2” is a nice release from Sony, effectively parodying the superhero movie industry, and skewering its targets. You can watch the sketch below…

UPDATE: There are rumours that this is an actual legit movie that is going to be in theatres. Not convinced yet, but will follow as this story develops.

We’ll be providing updates on Sony’s clearly fake Venom movie on next week’s edition of the Fantastic Fools Podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify, and more


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