Spider-Man: Sony Just Throwing Darts at This Point

Venom, Kraven, Morbius. Sony Executives have taken to throwing darts at a Marvel dartboard in preparation for their Spider-Man Universe without Spider-Man. 

The secrets of Sony’s film executives have been revealed. An inside source suggested that, in planning for their series of Marvel movies, Sony executives are simply throwing darts at a dartboard with a list of Marvel characters that they own.

Recently named as Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC), Sony’s Spider-Man Universe without Spider-Man is kicking off with the release of Venom in just a few months. However, Sony are getting the ball rolling with heaps of movie announcements. From Kraven the Hunter to Silver Sable, Sony’s eclectic mix of announcements have left some scratching their heads.

morbius leto

Jared Leto has been cast as Morbius in a new solo film

“Amy Pascal has a dartboard,” says our source, known internally as Hom Tolland. “She just throws a dart and picks out what movie they should make”.


This revelation serves as an answer to some as to why Sony are pressing ahead with films about characters that are defined principally by their relationship to Spider-Man, in a universe without Spider-Man. The realisation that these projects are completely random at least gives some ideas as to why these seemingly nonsensical movies continue to be pursued.

With Venom coming soon, it is refreshing to know that there is a method behind the madness at Sony, even if that method is madness.

Want more about Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters? This week’s episode of the Fantastic Fools Podcast tackles all of Sony’s plans and makes some suggestions. Search “Fantastic Fools Podcast” on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, or just listen below!

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