Tom Cruise Will Only Play Green Lantern If He Is Actually Given Super-Powers

“It’s about real cinema, capturing that magic. I can’t play a superhero if I don’t have superpowers”. 

New rumours out of Warner Brothers point to Tom Cruise being cast as Green Lantern in their stop-start superhero universe. However, Cruise, notably committed to filming stunts himself, says he will only play the role if he can actually be given superpowers.

Unfortunately for Cruise, Green Lanterns are entirely fictional, and the power of their rings are not available for everyday use. However, Cruise has insisted that Warner Brothers find a way around this dilemma.


“I strapped myself to a plane, I ran down the tallest building in the world, all because I love entertaining people”, said Cruise. “But, if Warner Brothers cannot give me the power to create green objects through my imagination – along with flight, and other powers – then why would I do this film for them?”

tom cruise mad

I will be immortal! HAHAHAHAHA

“Audiences want relatability, they want to know that what they’re seeing is real. More importantly, I want to be able to make an ACTUAL BIG GREEN FIST. How useful would that be”.

Warner Brothers executives are apparently not looking to follow up on Cruise’s demands, on the basis that they are impossible.

Many are also concerned of what Cruise could be capable of if given superpowers, and how that would alter the very state of humanity.

Cruise is a big star, and its believed that he will continue to pressure Warner Brothers into making him into a superhuman.

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