Local Lads Watch “The Meg”

“Haha! Dude, let’s watch The Meg!”

A group of local lads have decided to liven up their Saturday night by hitting the local cinema. The number one item on the menu: The Meg – The new movie featuring Jason Statham battling a giant shark.

“Yeah, thought it’d be a bit of fun”, said Tony Delaney (22), “we were just thinking about what to do and it came to us; let’s watch The Meg”.


After roughly 43 minutes of Family Guy references, the lads eventually made their way to the cinema, although the new monster shark movie wasn’t always the first choice for all parties concerned.

“There was some talk about watching Blackkklansman instead”, said Len Welch (21), “but our mate Will can get quite racist on a Saturday night, so we decided that The Meg was a much safer option”.

Opinions on the films seem to be mixed, with the lads leaving the following exclusive reviews for Fantastic Fools:

“It was so stupid, I loved it!” – Jake Calderwood (21)

“It was so stupid, I hated it” – Clyde Smalley (22)

“Too many Chinese people” Will Baulderstone (21)

(It seems Len was right about Will’s racism)


Overall the lads were satisfied with their night out, and may well hit the cinema again soon. It seems that the lure of a giant shark certainly pulled them in, and its great to see young men supporting the film industry.

“We’re such wildcards”, noted Delaney

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