Big Bang Theory To End After Writers Run Out of Things to Reference

“The well has run dry, I can’t do it anymore. These damn nerds”

Tragedy has struck today with the announcement that the upcoming twelfth season of the Big Bang Theory will be its last. Rumours of circled about the reason for cancellation, with the lead rumour being that the show is not good.

However, the true reason for the cancellation has been revealed, as writer Bazil Ingah revealed that he and the other writers have simply run out of things to reference.

“It used to be so easy”, said Ingah, “we could just have Sheldon say, ‘I’m going to watch Doctor Who’, and that would be funny. Because that’s a reference”.

“I remember the day when we discovered how funny it was for Howard to say, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, we had a lot of laughs”.


However, the writers room have started to struggle of late as they sought to find new things for the characters to reference.

“I noticed that by the fortieth time Sheldon said, ‘I like Star Trek’, there were some diminishing returns on how many laughs that hilarious reference got”.

“Luckily, saying the word ‘bazinga’ remained uproariously funny every single time, really saved our skin”.


As panic grew in the writer’s room, the staff furiously worked to try to discover more properties that its central characters could reference

“Nobody on staff has even seen Doctor Who, so we struggled to think of other things that nerds like. I wish I’d listened to nerds in high school instead of beating them up”.

As audiences grew more demanding, the pressure on the staff to come up with things that the characters could mention, and it seems that 12 seasons of that was enough, with the announcement today that the show would be ending after its next season.

It’s a tragic day for comedy

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