Danny Boyle Departs Bond 25 After Cheese Toasties Depart Catering Menu

No toasties? No Boyle

The departure of acclaimed director Danny Boyle from the upcoming Bond 25 has drawn much ire. However, new reports suggest that the lack of cheese toasties supplied by the catering department was the leading cause for Boyle’s departure.

Boyle, the director of acclaimed films such as Sunshine, Trainspotting, and Slumdog Millionaire, absolutely loves a cheese toastie, and so was incensed when the higher ups at Eon made the call to ax the popular lunch meal from the catering menu.


“Enough is enough, I’m making a stand”

Boyle’s love for cheese toasties is famous across Hollywood, and the director has made no secret of this. While promoting the movie The Beach (2000), Boyle commented, “Two slices of bread, some cheese, and you’re halfway there. Specialized Toasted Sandwich makers get the job done, but my favourite is to do them on a classic George Foreman grill.”

Boyle has put his patronage of the toasted sandwich arts above his directorial role, and is taking a stand. Sources close to the director state that he believes this will be a watershed moment for Hollywood, and will have far-reaching consequences. “Toasties have been slowly getting pushed out”, says one source, “focaccia’s, wraps, and even traditional sandwiches are all well and good, but the decline of the toastie in the entertainment industry has truly reached breaking point”.

More on this very real story as it develops


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