Joker Movie: Alec Baldwin to Reprise Mr Conductor Role From Thomas & The Magic Railroad


Initial reports had Baldwin cast as Thomas Wayne, but a breaking report has clarified that he will actually be reprising the role of Mr Conductor from the Thomas the Tank Engine Movie.

Does DC have a new Thomas Wayne? Perhaps, but perhaps not.

Reports emerged earlier today that Alec Baldwin had been cast as Thomas Wayne in DC’s Joker Movie, starring Joaqiun Phoenix in the title role. However, a thorough investigation from Fantastic Fools has led to the conclusion that this is not the case. Instead, Baldwin will be playing the role of Mr Conductor, which he first played in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, the live-action feature based on the classic Thomas the Tank Engine series.



It’s been 18 years since the film has released, and this casting could ave wide-reaching ramifications. Baldwin’s role as Mr Conductor solidly places the Joker movie, and perhaps the wider releases in the DC Universe, as a component of the Thomas the Tank Engine universe. This greatly effects the way that we view both of these franchises.

Fans have already begun searching through previously released DC movies to try to see if this revelation has been foreshadowed, searching for easter eggs that may relate to the Island of Sodor.


Mr Conductor is a magical entity, who travels frequently between the Island of Sodor and the real world, represented by the town of Shining Time in the 2000 film. Could this mean that the Joker will be travelling to Sodor in Todd Phillip’s new film? Could we see other Thomas the Tank engine characters, such as Percy, Diesel 10, Toby, or indeed Thomas himself?

Only time will tell, but for now this exciting development has served to renew interest in the newly branded “World’s of DC” and completely changes the context of next year’s Joker movie.

Want more Thomas and the Magic Railroad? The Fantastic Fools Podcast did a full review and recap of the film. Search for “The Fantastic Fools Podcast” on iTunes, Spotify, or Podbean. Or, you can just listen below


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