Disappointment: No Mention of Big Enough in Jimmy Barnes Documentary

‘Working Class Boy’ is a fascinating documentary but makes no mention of Big Enough, Jimmy Barnes’ screaming tour de force.

I went to see Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy this week, the documentary provided a fascinating look at Barnes’ troubled upbringing and was truly heartfelt. However, there was one major downside; a severe lack of Big Enough.

What’s Big Enough, I hear you ask? You poor, poor creature.

Big Enough is a song by controversial Australian artist Kirin J. Calinan, and Barnes’ contribution was, something else…

However, Jimmy Barnes’ finest hour wasn’t even mentioned in the documentary. Instead, Working Class Boy spends more time on trivial matters like Barnes’ family history, his struggles with understanding and coming to grasp with his past, and how he has changed his future.

Not Big Enough? Maybe the whole thing is not even worth it.

Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy may or not be still in cinemas, I’m not sure

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