Captain Marvel Trailer: Cool, This All Looks Fine

Marvel Continues to be so boringly consistent that it’s getting hard to talk about these things.

There’s a new trailer for Captain Marvel, the next film in the MCU, and it all looks fine.

The effects look decent, the storyline seems engaging enough and there are some really solid moments in there.

JUST ONCE, it would be nice if Marvel could get something horribly wrong, rather than being so predictably passable that it’s hard to say anything.

The costumes look great, the score is solid, as is what we see of the direction.

I mean, it’s not blowing my mind, but it looks like another solid movie.

It looks as good or bad as your opinion of every other Marvel movie.

Well done again Marvel, well done indeed.

Get the full low-down on the Captain Marvel Trailer on the Fantastic Fools Podcast. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, or just click the player below

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