5 Marvel Characters That Desperately Need Spin-Off Shows

Marvel is making new TV shows, we decided to come up with some outside of the box ideas. 

It was today announced that Marvel would be making short television series based on some of their most popular film characters in the highly successful MCU. It was confirmed that both Loki and Scarlet Witch were frontrunners to get their own show. However, we decided to come up with some unique ideas to really give the Disney Streaming Service shows an edge.

5. Jimmy Woo

jimmy woo

Randall Park’s inept FBI Agent stole the show in this year’s Ant-Man and The Wasp. Woo was constantly transfixed by Scott Lang’s magical abilities, to the point of even trying to learn them for himself. How about a show where Woo doesn’t attend ONLINE Magic University, but actually goes to a physical Magician University in order to achieve his dream and become a street magician. It’s a premise with heart-warming promise, and Park is a proven talent. Green-light this bad boy.

Show Name: The Magical World of Jimmy Woo

4. Ulysees Klaue


Klaue is a genuine delight and we absolutely need to see more from him. Played by the excellent Andy Serkis, a whole series about Klaue’s criminal past, Cuttlefish encounters and career as a SoundCloud rapper would be an absolute treat.


I need to know everything about Klaue, I need this series. Make it happen.

Show Name: Klaue and Peace

3. Jane Foster

jane foster

I mean, obviously, the MCU version of Jane Foster isn’t interesting enough for her own show. However, imagine how ANGRY Natalie Portman would be if Marvel pulled out a clause in her contract that said she had to be in a TV show for them. I would watch it just to see how bored and frustrated she would get.

Natalie Portman hates being in the MCU, so forcing her to return would be a beautiful trainwreck.

Show Name: Jane Foster: Reluctantly Starring Natalie Portman

2. War Machine


“So I take the tank, fly it right up to the General’s palace, drop it at his feet, I’m like, ‘Boom! You looking for this?'”

That is a story that desperately needs to be expanded upon in a 6-8 episode limited series. They should swap between Don Cheadle and Terrence Howard after every episode.

I have so many questions:

  1. Was the General looking for this?

This series would be a dream.

Show Name: A War Machine Story

1. Korg


Everyone’s favourite softly-spoken gladiator is the prime target for a tv show. It could be a prequel to Thor: Ragnarok, showing Korg’s early days as a gladiator and his history of revolutions, or it could be set later, showing what happened after Korg survived Infinity War.

A buddy comedy (with Meik, of course) with limitless potential, I would be very surprised if Marvel had not already greenlit this show for a 10-season run.

Show Name: My Name is Korg

To get the full low-down on the new MCU TV Shows, listen to the latest episode of the Fantastic Fools Podcast. It’s on iTunes, Spotify, and Podbean, or you can click the player below


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