Johnny English Strikes Again Catapaults into Oscar Favouritism

The Rowan Atkinson film is tipped to win big at this year’s Academy Awards.

Johnny English Strikes Again, the third film in the highly successful Johnny English franchise has been released upon a waiting world, and its impact is set to be widespread. Bookmakers have the British comedy as a firm favourite to take out many gongs at the Academy Awards in early 2019.

Whilst this certainly would have been described as unexpected earlier in the year, those who have seen the film will certainly be aware that this consideration is no accident, and is the work of strong artistic craft.



Ben Miller is almost certain to take out the award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Bough in the film. While debate reigns about the character’s true first name, there is no debate on the quality of his performance, only praise. Similarly, Emma Thompson is set to pick up a much-deserved Academy Award for her role as the Prime Minister.

The awards for Best Costume Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Cinematography also look to be shoe-ins for the spy caper.


Then, we get to the big guns. Rowan Atkinson will face stiff competition in the Best Actor category this year, with multiple highly anticipated releases set to test the experienced comedian. However, those in the know suggest the Atkinson’s performance is so good that most actors simply stand no chance of beating him. The race is certainly going to be an interesting one to follow.


As for Best Picture, well Johnny English Strikes Again is the current favourite to take out the prize, but it’s certainly no sure thing yet. Universal is set to undergo a full awards campaign that they believe will get the film over the line, against stiff competition.

As the award race begins to heat up, only time will tell if this early front-runner can pull through and deliver the goods.

Want more Johnny English Strikes again? Of course you do. 

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