Everything is All Good and Fine With Venom, says Sony Exec

“It’s all good, we’re very happy. Now stop asking”

After months of speculation and anticipation, Sony’s Venom is finally set to release this week. Although the review embargo is still up at the time of writing, the online reaction embargo has lifted. Results have mainly ranged from mixed to negative, with many online doubting if the film is going to succeed.

However, one brave Sony Executive has praised the film and declared that the company is perfectly happy with the film, thank you very much. Tim Stallwood gave an interview today in which he discussed the film, and briefly defended it.


Stallwood declared that higher-ups at Sony were “very happy” with the film, and with all involved. “Yep, we’re totally happy with that one”, said Stallwood, “now can we talk about something else, please?”


When asked about the conflicting reports regarding the film’s rating, the Sony Executive replied, “no no no, the film was always meant to be rated R”. Upon learning that the film was actually to receive a PG-13 rating, he said, “sorry, I meant PG-13. The film was, is, and was always meant to be PG-13”.

When asked what was next for Sony’s burgeoning Spider-Man universe (without Spider-Man), Stallwood replied, “yeah, all going really, really well. We’re doing the one about… I want to say Batman? It’s going really well. Can we talk about something else, sorry?”


As the sweat patches under his arms grew, Stallwood doubled down on his defence, “it’s going to great, and a big success. Now can we talk about something else? We made Jumanji last year, people liked that one, didn’t they? The Avengers? That was a good one we made”.

Note: Sony Pictures did not, in fact, make the Avengers

Overall, if the interview with Stallwood is any indication, the executives at Sony have a lot of confidence in Venom, despite the negative publicity, and are very competent and good at their jobs.



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