WB Releases 5 Minute Aquaman Trailer Because They Don’t Know How Trailers Work

The next chapter in DC’s expanding cinematic universe is set to hit theatres in December. James Wan’s Aquaman has so far managed to hold some high expectations, with fans of the director’s previous work hoping that he’ll be able to lift the film above the level of previous DC entries.

However, today saw the release of a new trailer for the film, and its five minutes long. While the footage itself actually looks pretty good, the length of the trailer shows that the folks at Warner Brothers fundamentally don’t know how trailer’s work.

A trailer is designed to convince people to see a movie, as well as drive social media buzz and ‘hype’. Trailer’s are normally about 2-3 minutes long, which is short enough to engage casual movie fans, and short enough to play before other movies in theatres.


A five-minute-long trailer is only going to be watched by people who are already interested in Aquaman, people who are ALREADY GOING TO PAY FOR THE MOVIE. Additionally, this length means that the trailer is too long to play in theatres before other films.

Ultimately, the trailer is preaching to the converted, trying to sell Aquaman to the people who were going to see it anyway, and does little to actually expand the audience base for the film. Plus, it showcases far too much of the story, action and plot.

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