Venom… the movie – Fantastic Fools Podcast #57

Venom is one of the most fascinating films of the year. Critically trashed, defended by many fans, financially successful. It’s an enigma. James is joined by Lachie and Thomas to examine all aspects of the movie, the good, the bad, the really bad, the really really bad, and everything in between.

1:57 News (Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Birds of Prey, Aquaman, Dark Phoenix, and more)

21:57 Venom NO SPOILERS

38:30 Venom SPOILERS

1:25:00 Watchlist (Toast of London, Iron Fist, Doctor Who)

The lads also get into the news of the week, including the development of The Mandalorian, the Dark Phoenix trailer, and the Birds of Prey casting announcement.

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More Venom Content:

Sony Releases Hilarious Venom Parody Trailer

‘Everything is all Fine and Good with Venom’, Says Sony Exec

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