Crazed Netflix Exec Cancelling One Show Every Week Until We Meet His Demands

Nathan Filkins is holding the world to ransom, and his hostages are Netflix original series. 

Netflix Originals are dropping like flies, with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, OITNB, and several others all coming to an end soon. Now, it seems that many more will follow, unless the demands of crazed Netflix executive Nathan Filkins are met.

“I got Luke Cage, I got Iron Fist, I’m getting rid of Kimmy Schmidt next unless my demands are met!”

luke danny

Luke Cage and Iron Fist have both been given the axe in previous weeks

Wandering around the Netflix offices with a plastic sword he stole off the set of Marco Polo, Filkins will not rest until he gets what he wants. And what does he want? Well, it’s pretty simple…

“I want to have dinner with Jerry Trainor! It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted. I got into this business for the sole purpose of meeting him, my idol… and I still haven’t! My life has been wasted!”

“Get it done by next week or Bojack Horseman gets the chop”, he screams swinging his plastic sword.


Save us, Jerry Trainor. You’re our only hope

Who knows what more this madman can do. Jerry Trainor, please help us. Other acclaimed shows such as Glow, Daredevil, and Master of None, may soon face the fury of Nathan Filkins unless we do something.

Truly a troubling time


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