Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot to be about Film Piracy

In order to bring the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise into the modern day, the setting will shift from a sailboat to a laptop

A new rumour has described Disney’s plans for a reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The reboot, coming from the writers of Deadpool, will bring the action out of the ocean, and will instead explore the world of video piracy.

“Kids love computers, and stuff”, said one corporate executive

Rather than focusing on the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, the rebooted series will instead focus on mild-mannered introvert Jackson Sparrow, who seeks to illegally burn copies of the film Space Chimps 4.


Instead of drinking in the alehouses and taverns of Jamaica, Jack will now drink in the dingy confines of his cold apartment.

Disney CEO Michael Mouse expressed his faith in the idea, saying, “We really wanted to make the franchise more relatable and bring it into the modern day. We think that an update to film piracy is the best way to do this, and maybe spread a good message to kids too”.

Whether the lead pirate be sailing the seven seas or surfing the world wide web, this is a franchise that Disney clearly has a lot of faith in

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