Detective Pikachu Trailer Delights Local Furry

“Really, this is a best-case scenario for me. I’m very excited” said Taylor

The recently released trailer for Detective Pikachu has certainly got the internet talking about the film. One of the biggest talking points from the trailer is how the Pokemon featured are covered in a surprising amount of fur. Some think this is a bad aesthetic moves, but local furry Rick Taylor could not be happier. 

“This opens up so many new possibilities”, said Taylor. “I never even considered the whole new level of experiences that were possible when the world of Pokemon was fully opened up”.

The Pokemon Pikachu, who will be voiced by Ryan Reynolds in the film, is one of the Pokemon that has been given a furry makeover, and its one that seems in keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the film. Reynolds declined to comment on this matter.

“I guess we need to come to a decision as a community”, said Taylor, “do Pokemon count as animals for the purposes of a Fursona or is a kind of different off-brand kind of deal?”

It’s a conversation that we need to have a society. So that’s great.

Check out the Detective Pikachu trailer below

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