“Biggest Box-Office Bomb” Competition About to Really Heat Up

So many movies! So little interest!

Not every film can have the success of an Avengers or an Incredibles. In fact, that majority of films made actually lose money, and speaking of losing money… three major blockbuster releases are set to compete for the crown of the biggest box-office bomb of 2018. With huge budgets, bizarre premises, and tons of special effects, these movies are all predicted to stumble, but which one will stumble hardest?

Let’s meet our competitors:

1 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Taking this year’s title of “film that the fewest people asked for” is this bizarre franchise reboot of The Nutcracker. You know… the ballet. 

There has been so little cultural awareness of this film that I literally did not realize that it had already come out, and flopped. 

Aimed at a family audience and starring Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman (every child’s favourite actors), the girl from Interstellar, and Keira Knightley doing her very best Helena Bonham Carter impression, it’s no wonder this one is set to tank so spectacularly. 

Budget: $120-130 Million

Current Box Office:$100 Million

2 Robin Hood

It’s Robin Hood, again. But this time, it’s Batman Begins. Yep, just literally Batman Begins. In what feels like the 100th reboot of the classic character, the trailers showcase some of the most confusing and useless elements ever seen. 

Didn’t like Russell Crowe’s sad old man Robin? Now we’ve got a young hot Eggsy from Kingsman Robin. Didn’t like how the Russell Crowe one re-wrote the lore? Well this one… also does that. 

Hey, at least Mendo is in this one, he is sure to absolutely kill the role of the villainous sheriff of Nottingham. Also Jamie Dornan is in it. As in Christian Grey. Jeez.

Honestly, nobody is going to top the 2006 BBC series, stop trying.

Budget: Not Disclosed, but it’s plenty

3 Mortal Engines

Hey, is this related to that Mortal Instruments one? Bone City? Is that what it was called? Was Peter Jackson involved in that one too? Literally nobody knows, because nobody cares. 

This movie is about cities on wheels that eat other cities. Sounds expensive, and awful. It’s based on a series of books (I think, I didn’t bother to google it), but this certainly looks to be more Eragon than Hunger Games. 

+ Hugo Weaving

-Pretty much everything else

Budget: $100 Million

Well, there we have it. Three big contenders for the hotly contested crown of 2018’s biggest box office flop. What do you think it will be?

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