DC Fires “Head of Lex Luthor Casting”

This isn’t even a joke

Jon Cryer, yes, the guy from Two and a Half Men (I think he was one of the full men, not the half man), has joined the cast of Supergirl as Lex Luthor, the iconic Superman villain. 

Now, while we are yet to see how Cryer’s take on the character will turn out, DC have already responded to the negative criticism of the announcement by firing Mr Liam Lutland. Ludland was formerly in the role of Head of Lex Luthor casting with the studio. We sat down with Ludland to discuss his time at DC. 

“I’ve had a tough time of it, the last few years. My first go at it, casting Gene Hackman, was received really well. The boss was certainly happy with that one. Unfortunately, I’ve come under increasing pressure recently and its shown in my work. 

Rosenbaum turned out well for me, and initially people were happy with Spacey. Obviously that opinion has changed. 

Kevin Spacey. Bad Bloke

Snyder came to me and was just like, ‘so our Lex Luthor is going to be this fun, young, tech billionaire kinda guy. You know, kinda like Mark Zuccerberg?’

I was pretty drummed out at the time so I just said, “well why don’t I just get the guy who played Zucc in that movie? Unfortunately Michael Cera was unavailable, but I got Jesse Eisenberg which I thought was the next best thing. That really was the beginning of the end for my career, I lost the passion for casting Lex Luthor, I was just a workman, it hurt to realise it. 

This whole Cryer thing really was a cry for help (pun fully intended), I’m amazed they’re going through with it.”

Ludland intends to move into retirement, and Jon Cryer can be seen on the new season of Supergirl as Lex Luthor. Really. 

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