Creed II: The Second Creed Movie – Fantastic Fools Podcast #61

Daredevil is cancelled, and everything is worse now, how can we ever feel joy again? Well, Creed II is going to do its best to cheer up James, Thomas, and Charlie. The boys get into all the best and worst aspects of the movie, the fights, Sly Stallone, Dolph, all the hits. 

The team also unpacks the news of the week, including the Lion King trailer, and Nick Nolte cast in the Mandalorian (yes, actually)

1:10 News (Daredevil cancelled, Kingsman casting, Nick Nolte News)

19:47 Creed II (NO SPOILERS)

32:00 Creed II (SPOILERS)

50:40 Watchlist (Sick Note, American Gods, Annihilation) 

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