Satire Writer Retires After Pitbull Covers ‘Africa’ for Aquaman movie

“You can’t make this shit up”

Local satire writer Rodrick Abert has announced that he is quitting the satire industry after the recent news to emerge from Warner Brother’s. 

“Pitbull has decided to cover ‘Africa’ by Toto for the Aquaman movie soundtrack”, admitted a stunned Abert, “that’s it, this world is now officially to ridiculous to be parodied. 

To clarify, the Pitbull song is entirely real, despite the fact that the movie Aquaman is not set in Africa, it is in fact set mostly underwater, pretty much as far from the sandy deserts of the Sahara as you can get. 

“How can he bless the rains?”, questioned Abert, “it’s underwater! There is no rain!”

“I held my nerve through The Emoji Movie, Jared Leto’s Joker wasn’t enough, but this, this is it, this is the single most ridiculous piece of news that I have ever read. It’s over, satire is dead, there’s no way that we can possibly deal with this now. The world is going to have to move on”. 

You can catch Aquaman in theatres when it is released in late December, you can check out Pitbull’s cover of ‘Africa’ right here 

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