Best/Worst of 2018 Fantastic Fools Awards – Fantastic Fools Podcast #66

2018 has come to an end, and what a year it was. The second annual Fantastic Fools Freddo Awards counts down the best and worst of cinema in 2018. Thomas, James, and Nick count down the highs and lows of a huge year in cinema.

If you don’t like a category, just skip to the next one, it’s all easy. 

2:15 Worst Movie

12:40 Best Movie Moment/Scene

21:53 Worst Movie Moment/Scene

27:45 Saddest Movie Death

34:03 Best Part of a Bad Movie

38:34 Most Underrated Movie

42:50 Movie

46:40 Biggest Unit of 2018

52:50 Best TV show

59:10 Best Movie

This will be the last episode of the show for a while, as we are going on hiatus for 6 months, so thanks to everyone who has listened over the journey!

If you have any thoughts on any of these categories, let us know!

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