Top 10 Biggest Units of Cinema 2018

From the Thicc, to the Chonks, to Oh Lord He Coming

2018 was a year with lots of powerful movies, and those movies had a whole bunch of powerful characters. This list counts down those absolute units, those behemoths of size, strength, and mass.

This is a vital undertaking.

Appearances are limited to one character per film.

10. M’Baku (Black Panther)

Winston Duke

M’Baku is certainly a powerful man. The leader of the Jabari tribe, M’Baku showed his worth in a thrilling waterfall fight with T’Challa, and later joined with the Black Panther in the fights against Killmonger and Thanos. With T’Challa dusted, some speculate that M’Baku may well take over as the Black Panther in Avengers: Endgame, such an occurrence would give us the most sizable Panther we’ve ever encountered

See Also: Ulysees Klaue, Killmonger, Okoye

9. Chewbacca (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Joonas Suotamo

One of cinema’s most classic units, Chewbacca made a fantastic appearance in Solo earlier this year. After being somewhat sidelined in episodes 7 and 8, this appearance gives us a look at the powerful wookie in full force.


And what power, we get peak Chewie in this film, and Certified Big Boy Joonas Suotamo certainly fills the large shews of Peter Mayhew with aplomb.

See Also: Dryden Vos, Darth Maul

8. August Walker’s Mustache (Mission: Impossible – Fallout)

Henry Cavill

When Henry Cavill’s CGI-afflicted face first appeared in 2017’s Justice League, many wondered whether the growth of his Mission: Impossible – Fallout was really worth the effort. Those doubters were proven wrong by Fallout, in which Cavill sports a mustache of such astounding aura that it qualifies for this list as an entry of its own.


A masterwork of facial growth, Walker’s Mo is an absolute highlight of one of the best action films of the year.

See Also: Ving Rhames

7. Ralph (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

John C. Reilly

The sequel to Wreck-It Ralph may not have had the overall cultural impact of the first film, but the sizable impact of Ralph himself remained unchanged. Ralph is a monster of a unit, and he uses that power wisely throughout the film.

6. Juggernaut (Deadpool 2)

Ryan Reynolds

Obviously, the Juggernaut is a massive, unstoppable unit, it’s right there in the name. Director David Leitch used the word “forcefulness” to describe him, and we think that is apt.

Portrayed through motion-capture by the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds himself, the Juggernaut represents a massive physical opponent for the film’s heroes, including fellow Big Boy, Colossus.

Aided by super-strength, this behemoth is more than capable of causing some massive damage, and though his role in the film is minimal, his impact is befitting of a character of his sheer size.

See Also: Colossus, Russell Collins

5. Dick Cheney (Vice)

Christian Bale

The only real-life figure on this list, and the only to not be taken from an action film, Cheney is massive unit.

Vice may be a brutal unpacking of the atrocities that Cheney committed during his time as Vice President to George W. Bush, but who cares about that? Look at the size of him!

Chameleonic actor Christian Bale packed on the pounds to achieve the level of sheer mass required for this performance, and boy does it show, it shows in all it’s glory. Cheney is a unit to behold, a unit so powerful that it almost makes sense that he got away with all the nasty stuff he did.

4. Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War)

After years of buildup, the Russo brothers and Marvel finally released Thanos onto the big screen, expectations were high. Marvel undeniably exceeded those expectations by making Thanos one of the most awe-inspiring units to ever be witnessed on a superhero stage.


Complete with T-Posing armor (in the Endgame trailer) to assert his dominance, and some Big Boy Hands, the sheer presence of Thanos enhanced Infinity War and firmly placed it into the upper echelon of superhero films. W

See Also: Hulk, Cull Obsidian, Thor, Eitri the Dwarf

3. Victor Drago (Creed II)

Florian “Big Nasty” Muntenau

Oh boy, this lad can pack a punch. Born and bred to be a unit from the day he was born, this ball of rage and muscle served as a more than suitable antagonist for he highly anticipated follow-up to Creed.

The studio had a tough job, trying to up the ante provided by Ivan Drago, but Victor was definitely a knockout.


I mean, the actor goes by “Big Nasty”, that’s a powerful mood right there, although it could be because otherwise he would be called “Flo”.

The highest ranking of our live-action Big Boys, Victor is a unit of pure mass that was a joy to watch.

See Also: Ivan Drago, Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa

 2. Brick (The Incredibles 2)

Look, Mr Incredible is an enormous unit, he has been for decades. Mr Incredible has set the standard and flown the flag for big units in superhero media for sometime, but that time has passed.

Brick, one of the new superheroes introduced in Incredibles 2, is simply a bigger unit than Mr Incredible, and that’s something to celebrate, not mourn. The only female entry on our list, Brick certainly earned her name.

Built like a brick and with the intelligence to match, this newcomer to the Incredibles franchise is awe-inspiringly huge, but not quite huge enough…

See Also: Mr Incredible, Edna Mode (Symbolically)

1. Wilson Fisk / Kingpin (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)


The undisputed champion, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin.

This man is so sizable, it makes my heart race. The sheer mass of this unit is untenable, immovable, immeasurable.

Kingpin spends the entirety of Spider-Verse dominating the screen with his precence, and fitting into rooms, despite being twice as large as the door.

We may never again see a unit of his like.

Pure Muscle

Pure Circumference

The Girth on this man.


See Also: Kingpin (Daredevil TV)

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