Tom Holland Accidentally Uploads Entire Avengers 4 Movie to Twitter

The loose-lipped brit has done it again. 

British actor Tom Holland has been widely celebrated for his take on the character of Peter Parker for Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the actor has frequently come under fire for his laid-back attitude towards spoilers.

It seems things reached a head this week, when Holland appeared to accidentally upload the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, in its entirety, to his twitter profile.

A leak of this magnitude is unprecedented, and may have major financial ramifications for Disney. Just how Holland managed to acquire a copy of the highly anticipated film is unknown, especially given that Disney were so wary of Holland that they refused to give him a script for Avengers: Infinity War last year.

Tom Holland “accidentally” leaked the title of Spider-Man Far From Home earlier last year

“It’s really astonishingly difficult to do this accidentally”, proclaimed one industry insider we spoke to today.

The video was swiftly taken down from Holland’s twitter page, but bootlegged copies are believed to be floating around the internet, with the potential to derail one of the most anticipated films of all time.

Holland later tweeted this apology:


-Tom Holland



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