Netflix Reluctantly Releases The Punisher Season 2

Ughh, fine. Here you go

Mere months after the cancellations of Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, Marvel has released season 2 of the popular comic-book series The Punisher, despite clearly not really wanting to.

Arriving with no advertising, no alerts, and no promotion, season 2 of the violent series is likely to be the last, as Netflix winds down is production of Marvel television.

“Ughh, fine”, said Netflix exec Nathaniel Filkins, “we may as well release it, I suppose”.


Season 2 of the Punisher and Season 3 of Jessica Jones were both well into production by the time their companion series were cancelled, so their release has been seen as more of a formality than an occasion.

“We made it, so we might as well put it out”, said Filkins, “not that we really want to”.


Punisher star Jon Bernthal has stated that he has “come to terms” with the likely cancellation of The Punisher, and this development will do little to dispel any of those thoughts.

“Fine, just take your damn Marvel series, we don’t care about them any more”

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