Hold Up, We’re Not Letting You Forget About Tag (2018) That Easily

You thought you’d gotten away with it! Never!

You there! Yes, you! I have heard rumours – wild, speculative, rumours – that you have briefly forgotten the existence of the movie Tag from 2018. Well, you’re not getting away with it that easily, friend. Never.

Tag is a 2018 feature film from Warner Bros. Entertainment Incorporated that centres around a group of men who play Tag with each other for one month of every year. The film was a minor box-office success, and received middling critical reviews.

You’d nearly forgotten about it, hadn’t you? For shame.

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Remember the bit when there are multiple Jeremy Renners? Or how it turned out that Ed Helms had cancer the whole time? Did you know that Jeremy Renner’s arms were made of CGI because he fell off some chairs? Poetic cinema. Remember the fake miscarriage?

Remember the fake miscarriage?


In a year where Blockers and Game Night gave us some of the best studio comedy films in recent memory, Tag is an enigma. A deeply weird film that reeks of studio interference and cynicism, despite the touching nature of the (mostly ignored) true story at the centre of the narrative.

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The premise is insane, the cast ecclectic, and the tagging… surprisingly minimal.

Never forget Tag. Never forget.

Want more Tag? Of course you do. Head back in time to listen to the Fantastic Fools Review of the film. You can find the episode on Spotify & iTunes, or you can click the player below. 

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