Exclusive: John Cena and Dave Bautista Fighting for Lead Role In “The Invisible Man” Reboot

Universal’s monster movies are getting an overhaul. 

Universal Pictures will not let their monsters die. It was announced earlier today that the company’s planned “Dark Universe” that began with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy has been scrapped, but other projects are still moving ahead. Blumhouse has stepped in to produce a reboot of The Invisible Man with Upgrade director Leigh Whannell now in the director’s chair.

Now, Fantastic Fools can report that two clear favorites have emerged for the lead role in the film, and the stars are aligning.

Image result for john cena drax
John Cena and Dave Bautista wrestle in the WWE

John Cena and Dave Bautista, both former WWE wrestlers, are allegedly fighting for the lead role in the film, with producers undecided as to what direction they want to take the film in.

Cena has had a bumper year, with roles in both Bumblebee and Blockers (his agent says that he is open to working on films that do not start with ‘b’ as well) and has been putting together an impressive portfolio of performances in recent years.

Bautista, of course, was involved in the huge ensemble superhero phenomenon, Avengers: Infinity War. He also did a movie where he stops terrorism at a soccer match or something. Sounds fun.

Image result for dark universe

The role of the Invisible Man originally meant to be played by Johnny Depp, back when the film was set in Universal’s slated Dark Universe film series. Depp is now understood to have departed the project. This may be due to the new direction of the film, or due to the fact that everyone hates Johnny Depp.

Whoever gets the role, this is certainly a big step forward for the future of Universal’s monster movies, and both actors are certainly more than a fair fit for the role.

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