Local Man Just Watching Superbowl For The Commercials Feels Need To Tell Everyone

“Haha, they’re the best bit, lol”

David Crawford is gearing up for the Superbowl, despite not being a fan of football. David gleefully accepted his invitation to his friend Brad’s Superbowl, despite not seeing a single game this season. Why? Because David loves Superbowl commercials, and he wants to make sure everyone knows.

“I’m just here for the commercials!”, says David for the fiftieth time today, before launching into a long discussion into the economics and effectiveness of Superbowl advertising.

“Who cares about the football! The ad breaks are my favorite, haha!”

Tucking into the various snacks on offer throughout the game portion of the evening, David is strangely offended when people go to the bathroom during the commercial breaks.

“Haha, where are you going man? Sit down! These are totally the best bit, lol. I heard there might be a new Captain Marvel trailer!”.

David seems to be under the false pretense that anyone there likes him. At this point, he stands unlikely to be invited back next week.

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