Local Podcasters Receive Their Disney Checks for Avengers Trailer Breakdown

“Phew, funds were looking tight for a second there”. 

Local beta cuck shill podcasters Todd Howard and Rob Andersson are laughing all the way to the bank. The pair of amateur comedians have just received their weekly check from Disney in the mail after their comprehensive breakdown of the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame. 

“Looks great”, said Andersson.

“Much better than Shazam”, replied Howard.

As part of their ongoing arrangement with Disney, Howard and Andersson are required to give nothing but positive press to Disney and Disney products, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series and all things Star Wars.

Image result for disney marvel
Liking Star Wars is an absolute classic beta cuck strawman sjw shill move

“It keeps the lights on”, admitted Howard, “cannot wait for Captain Marvel, that’s going to be a huge payday for us”.

The pair say that selling mattresses, razors, and website domains is simply not doing enough to prevent them from getting a real job, so the extra Disney cash is hugely helpful.

With a whole bunch of high-profile Disney films releasing this year, beta shills Howard and Andersson can look forward to plenty of cash inflow.

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