Netflix Quivers in Fear After Petition To Renew Superhero Shows Gains 30 Signatures

Netflix, one of the biggest forces in modern pop culture content creation is facing a crisis. After cancelling well-loved Marvel shows The Punisher, and Jessica Jones, an online petition to renew the shows has the streaming giant shaking in their boots.

“This could bring the whole company down”, noted Netflix executive Nathan Filkins. “How will we ever recover”.

With original series such as Stranger Things creating massive pop-culture movements and drawing millions of fans (and dollars) to the platform, the cancellation of under-watched expensive superhero shows comes as no surprise to most observers.

The cancellations follow similar announcements that Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist would all also be ending, leaving The Defenders as the only Marvel show not “officially” cancelled by the platform (but, I mean, come on).

Dan Watson created an online petition to try to get Netflix to renew the shows, since he didn’t have much better to do.

“It’s got, like, nearly 50 signatures”, said Watson, who hopes that the multi-billion-dollar company will be shifted by his pleas. Watson also believes that it’s not too early to rule out that the shows will also be picked up by the upcoming Disney+ service, by Hulu, or even by the DC Universe service for some reason.

“I am so angry with Netflix! This is an outrage”

“So are you going to cancel your subscription?”

“Na, I need it for Stranger Things, Bojack Horseman, GLOW, Mindhunter, Sex Education, Making a Murderer, F is For Family, Umbrella Academy, Lost in Space, Ozark…”

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