EXCLUSIVE: Dark Phoenix Will Kill Off “Everyone Who’s Too Expensive”

“Who cares? It’s getting rebooted anyway”

The trailer for X-Men: The Last Stand 2 aka Dark Phoenix was released to mass nonchalance today. In an interview, first-time director Simon Kinberg confirmed that the character of Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, would be killed off early in the film. It’s an unprecedented move, but Kinberg is set to take the next step.

In a secondary interview, Kinberg revealed that just Mystique’s death is just the tip of the iceberg.

“We’re killing off anyone who’s expensive”, said the director, “nobody is safe”.

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Mystique is played by Hollywood A-Lister Jennifer Lawrence and also requires a lot of make-up and special effects to bring the character to life. In the past, Fox has gotten around this by having both Mystique and Nicholas Hoult’s Beast appear in “human form” far more frequently than they were in the original X-Men movies.

“We’re in a different climate now compared to when Bry… ‘Dexter Fletcher’… made those original movies”, said Kinberg.

We pressed the director for details, and he was very forthcoming:

“Beast’s makeup is expensive, so he’s going to die about halfway through the movie. Quicksilver needs special effects, so we’re going to take a leaf out of Marvel’s book and kill him off too, notice how there’s only one shot of him in the trailer?

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Lana Condor did that Netflix movie I Love All The Boys or whatever the hell it was called, she asked for a pay-rise so we just didn’t put Jubilee in the movie.

Nightcrawler is on thin ice! If he does more than two teleportations he’s definitely out”.

Kinberg rebuffed ideas that the upcoming sale to Disney have affected Fox’s plans for Dark Phoenix, saying, “no, we were always planning on being as cheap as possible”.

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Dark Phoenix will hit cinemas… um… actually I don’t know… I can’t be bothered looking it up. it’s this year sometime, I think

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