Fox Reveals That Original X-Men Films Were Actually Directed by Dexter Fletcher

20th Century Fox is on a marketing spree with the release of the newest trailer for Dark Phoenix, the latest in their now 19-year franchise, X-Men. The franchise was started off with X-Men in 2000, and its sequel X2: X-Men United,  both directed by Bryan Singer, or so we thought.

Long-time X-Men producer Simon Kinberg has revealed that both original films, along with 2014’s acclaimed X-Men: Days of Future Past  and 2016’s X-Men Apocalypsewere actually not finished by Singer, and were instead composed by Dexter Fletcher.

“Yeah, Bryan actually only did the first few days”, said Kinberg, “Dexter Fletcher actually came in and shot 90% of the finished product”.

Image result for fletcher singer bohemian rhapsody

Fletcher rose to notoriety last year when he stepped in to finish the filming of Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Fletcher took control of the film when Bryan Singer was fired from the project. Reports have varied as to how much of the final cut of the film was completed by Fletcher, especially as the Director’s Guild ruled that Singer was to be credited as the sole director of the project.

It was previously thought that Fletcher’s first directorial project was 2011’s Wild Bill, but the revaluation that he has actually stepped in for the bulk of Bryan Singer’s career completely changes the legacy of both men.

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Simon Kinberg has not ruled out the possibility that Fletcher, currently directing Elton John biopic Rocketman, will step in for re-shoots and actually direct Dark Phoenix as well.

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