Very Clever and Funny Movie Studio Pulls Off SICK April Fools Prank!

Whey hey hey, what a wacky studio they are!

A local movie studio social media worker is feeling very happy with themselves are absolutely nailing a sick prank for April Fools Day.

“It’s important for us to show that, despite being a corporate conglomerate with only money on the mind, we’re just wacky pranksters who love having a laugh”, said Kyle Jefferson, one PR representative we spoke to today.

“Because can you imagine… hahaha… and I can’t even get through this sentence without laughing… haha… could you imagine if… lol we’re such a silly studio… imagine if TIM ALLEN WAS BATMAN! HAHAHAHA, dear god, I really crack myself up sometimes!”

Jefferson, clearly a comedic genius, sees no problem with the fact that, since studios do this every single year, the stories are clearly evident as fake.

“No, I can’t believe that”, says Jefferson, “there’s just no way that anyone could anticipate that the bizarre story we release on April 1st could be fake. People are shocked and surprised every single year.

You know, I wanted to be a stand-up comedian…”

So make sure you’re ready this April 1st, ready to keep up with certified jokesters like Jefferson.

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