Disney Forgets To Pay Critics to Give Shazam! Negative Reviews

The massive oversight is alarming for the House of Mouse.

The newest edition to the so-called “Worlds of DC”, Shazam! has been released to great success. Audiences love it and, for once, critics do to. As we all know, Disney has a history of paying critics to give DC movies bad reviews, this is a very real conspiracy. So, it seems that the company forgot to send out the cash to give Shazam! the same treatment.

Disney may well have had its hands full with the recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the company is busy working out exactly who they should fire (the answer is: most of them) and so may have forgotten to do their usual ‘paying off the critics’ shtick.

However, they’ve not totally given up with the gamble, having made sure that they forked out plenty of cash for Captain Marvel’s reviews, a much more likely explanation than critics actually enjoying the movie.

Disney executive Brad Gimley confirmed the oversight in an exclusive interview with Fantastic Fools.

“Yeah, that was a massive oversight”, noted Gimley. “The person responsible has been fired and we will not make this mistake again”.

“It’s very important to the Disney company that we pay off critics to give our movies good reviews and our competitors bad reviews (except for A Wrinkle In Time, The Nutcracker, John Carter, Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, and Dumbo)”.

You can watch Shazam! in theatres if you want to

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