Game of Thrones LEAK: Ed Sheeran To Kill the Night King

Well this is a fascinating twist

Game of Thrones season 8 is the single most anticipated series of television in the history of the medium. Fan theories have been circulating for nigh-on a decade as to how the story will end and what ramifications that will have for Westeros. Now, a source close to the production has leaked the one true ending to TV’s most ambitious saga.

Speaking exclusively to Fantastic Fools, our source revealed that the as-yet unnamed Lannister soldier played by Ed Sheeran (first appearing in season seven) will indeed be the man to slay the mythic Night King and sit upon the Iron Throne at the conclusion of the series.

It’s believed that Sheeran’s character will fulfill the prophecy of Azor Ahai and be ‘The Prince that was Promised’, the man who brings lasting salvation to the troubled continent of Westeros.

Sheeran’s unnamed soldier has, at this stage only appeared in the one episode, however he’s expected to return for his big role in the latter part of the season.

Some have noted that Bronn’s prostitutes mention a Lannister soldier called “Handsome Eddie”, with red hair in the season eight premiere. However, this cannot be a reference to Sheeran as he is not handsome.

The singer has not commented on the leak so far, but Fantastic Fools will continue to press for comment.

You can watch the final season of Game of Thrones every Sunday on HBO or your favourite torrent site.

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