Zack Snyder Says Its “Unreasonable” To Expect Him to Not Kill Anyone

Hollywood director Zack Snyder has hit back at fans who believe that he shouldn’t kill anyone, calling the notion “unreasonable” and “a total fantasy”.

Snyder, who has killed over a hundred assorted crew members during his time as a feature film director, believes that cold-blooded murder is key to his artistic process, and to deny him that pleasure would be “unethical and anti-art”.

Image result for zack snyder

The peak of Snyder’s spree came during the filming of 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, during which the director killed an estimated 300 civilians (ironically, during the filming of 300 Snyder is only believed to have killed 4 people). Snyder’s ritual sacrifices are rumored to have played a large role in his eventual departure from Warner Bros’ future DC film slate.

In an interview today with Fantastic Fools, Snyder claimed that, “the artistic process is driven by destruction, passion, and introspection, and regrettably, people have to die to complete that process”.

Snyder had previously come under criticism for the frequency of deaths in his Batman scenes, but this revelation puts that change into a new light.

Snyder’s next project is ‘Army of the Dead’, in which the director will descend to hell and return with his own personal army. Should be a riot.

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