“Yesterday” Spin-Off to Star Denzel Washington as Only Man Who Remembers Vanilla Ice

Danny Boyle’s Yesterday has been a moderate success around the world, with many engaged by its unique premise of, “what if only one man remembered The Beatles”. Now it seems that Boyle and writer Richard Curtis are taking that premise and running with it, setting up a whole cinematic universe of “what if?” ideas.

First off the rank is “Vanilla”, which twists the premise into being about Denzel Washington being the only man who can remember the discography of hip-hop superstar Vanilla Ice.

What would the world be like without “Rollin’ in my 5.0”?? How would a new generation react to the smash hit “Get Your As Up”?? So many questions, so little known. Is Denzel gonna grow a goatee?

Image result for denzel washington oscar
Denzel is ready for his hardest acting challenge yet, playing a man who enjoys Vanilla Ice

When asked about the project, Denzel Washington expressed enthusiasm about the role.

“When Danny Boyle called me up and said, ‘Imagine a world without Vanilla Ice…’ I said, ‘now stop right there, what you’re describing is hell’. But that made me think about all of the amazing contributions to society that Vanilla has made, and it got me really excited to work on the film”.

Ed Sheeran is set to return and play a major role, encouraging Denzel to rename “Ice Ice Baby” to “Ice Ice Dude”.

The real question is, if Vanilla Ice never existed, who would do the Ninja Rap in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze?????

Big questions

Vanilla is set to release in August of 2020

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