Australian Survivor Champions vs Contenders Ep. 2 Recap

Idols, alliances and muddy challenges. How good is it to have Australian Survivor back? Check out our video recap below:

One of the biggest stories of the night was Luke’s pivotal idol clue find. He still has to secure the idol himself, but after finding himself on the bottom early, this (along with David’s alliance building skills) represents a huge change in momentum for the people’s champ.

Laura was unlucky to be sent home so early. Andy and Harry both seemed to nominate Baden as their own personal goat, but time will tell if they can keep him safe from Matt for any extended period of time. Baden’s tribal council speech has definitely struck a chord with social media, and it’s easy to see why. His emotional speech about how he needs to prove his social skills to himself more than anything is easily empathized with, but its important to note that the speech didn’t change anything, as discussed by Matt on twitter, the plan going in to tribal was always to vote Laura.

Another interesting twitter find is from JLP, who revealed that the contestants spent over half an hour dragging those fiendishly heavy crates through the muddy course. This was a supremely intense physical challenge, and production again needs to be commended for their unique and exciting challenge designs. The only thing missing, really, is more variety in skillset (more agility/endurance/balance challenges rather than pure strength)

Laura is gone, Luke has an idol clue, and the contenders dynamics are starting to take shape.

Survivor Stock Market

Going Up:

3. David

Weird how its the folks on the bottom of the Champions tribe that are continually impressing me, going forward. David had another really strong episode. He showed great leadership and composure in the immunity challenge, positioning himself well in the tribe, even for those not in his alliance. Also, his recruitment drive to win over Abbey and Ross seemed to go quite well. Plus his alliance now has an idol queue. Another good episode from the beautiful man.

2. Andy

I love Andy’s ridiculous enthusiasm and arrogance. It is undoubtedly great television. The thing about Andy is that he has, so far, managed to avoid the great Australian Survivor Superfan undoing: going too hard too early. Harry is happy to take credit for the decision to go for Laura over Baden, and now becomes the number 1 target for anyone looking to take down the majority alliance. He is also goat-grooming Baden and is holding his own in the physical challenges. Good week for the humblest man on survivor.

1. Luke

How quickly the game turns. Luke not only had a night of TV gold with the return of the spy shack and his idol celebrations, but a golden survivor night too. The idol clue is obviously a massive advantage, and he seemed pretty confident that he knew exactly where to find it when the time came. He and his trusty sidekick David also made noticeable inroads into the athletes alliance, with Ross and Abbey both looking likely to jump ship.

You can’t keep the king down.

Going Down:

3. Ross

Ross has kind of been positioned as the middle-man in Luke’s attempt to break the athlete alliance, but while the middle can be powerful, it can also be precarious. Luke notes that Ross doesn’t exactly have a main partnership, leaving him vulnerable. He doesn’t seem anywhere near the top of Bradbury’s Seven, but I wouldn’t say he would close to the top of Luke’s alliance either.

2. Harry

Harry was right to vote off Laura, it’s absolutely a better move for his game. He also executed it perfectly, nailing a pretty straightforward split vote move. However, in doing so, Harry has outed himself as someone who is happy to call the shots and make moves, and if experience tells us anything, its that early move-makers rarely go far. Matt went along with the vote this time, but was clearly not happy about Laura going over Baden, we’ll see if this rift develops.

1. Hannah

It’s crucial to not show weakness in the early days of Survivor, especially on a tribe where folks like Matt are driving the “physical strength” mandate hard. Hannah sat out the immunity challenge. Laura sat out the reward challenge and got voted out. Add this onto the fact we’ve gotten very little out of her by way of confessionals, and it’s a tough situation for Hannah at the moment.

Week 1 Player Leaderboard

1-2-3 points given for “going up”, 1-2-3 points taken away for “going down”

Steven – 3

ET, David, Andy – 2

Luke – 0

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